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I have an emergency here: I'm developing a web app using ASP.Net MVC 5 in VS 2015 and all of the sudden I can't run it while debugging; I don't know what has gone wrong.

- Using IIS Express v.10
- Visual Studio Community 2015; Version 14.0.23107.0 D14REL; Framework 4.6.00081
- Windows 7 Enterprise

Symptoms and observations:

1) If I run the project without debugging (CTRL + F5), everything's fine.
2) Problem is running it with only F5 (debugging mode). What happens is that after running: the browser opens, waits, closes, Visual Studio stops the project.
3) The IIS Express system tray icon is never displayed, which didn't happen before. When running with CTRL + F5, it is displayed and the site runs fine.
4) This happens with all browsers, all projects (both old and new).
5) The output window displays the following message:

Show output from: Debug
The program '[6468] iisexpress.exe' has exited with code -1073741819 (0xc0000005) 'Access violation'.
The program '[7972] iexplore.exe' has exited with code -1 (0xffffffff).

Steps already taken (and no dice):

- Suspecting a bad memory module, performed many memory benchmarks: everything's fine.
- Visual Studio Tools Menu\Import and Export settings: reset all settings.
- Uninstalled VS, cleaned registry, reinstalled (making sure was doing so 'as administrator').
- Made sure I was running all instances as Administrator.
- Changed port number on the Project's Web settings.
- Tried changing policies to unrestricted (Powershell).
- Uninstalled IIS Express 10 and reinstalled it.
- Went to Visual Studio forums and posted the problem (still no answer)
- Came here looking for help ;-)

In my opinion, something happened with the Visual Studio 2015 debugger and now whenever I run an ASP.Net project, the debugger seems to have lost the way to wake IIS Express. Therefore, since it's not active, the project can't find the server and the project closes...
I appreciate your time!
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 8-Nov-15 8:46am    
Try Clean+Rebuild on the solution with Debug configuration...
Bounze 8-Nov-15 8:55am    
Hi, Kornfield, and thank you for your answer!
Done...but no dice :'(
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 8-Nov-15 9:06am    
Try re-regsiter with IIS...
Sander Rossel 8-Nov-15 9:07am    
Not trying to be a smartass, but have you tried restarting the computer?
Bounze 8-Nov-15 11:18am    
Yes, Sander, I have! A zillion times! hahahahahaha

1 solution

Found the solution!!

Please protect your screen before reacting to what you're about to read (lol)...

So I kept on looking on the Internet for possible solutions (after 3 days of this) and found one suggesting to go and add an exception for DEVENV.exe. I did, but still no dice. So I turned off both firewall and antivirus and voilá! Project runs in debug mode again!! So yes, all that technical information to find out that the answer was related to the antivirus and/or firewall.

So the solution to THIS INSTANCE OF THAT PROBLEM (I've found that the same error occurs to others in difference circumstances), is to do the following simple and obvious steps, which I regret with a lot of shame to say, I overlooked:

- Close Visual Studio
- Turn off both Firewall and Antivirus
- Reopen Visual Studio, open your project and clean and rebuild it.
- Run the project
- If it works:
1) Add an exception in your firewall for DEVENV.exe (found in the visual studio installation folder in Program Files).
2) Add another exception in your firewall for IIS Express (\Program Files\IIS Express: iisexpress.exe, appcmd.exe, IisExpressAdminCmd.exe, iisexpresstray.exe).
3) Add an exception, in your ANTIVIRUS program, for the Visual Studio installation folder (NOT only devenv.exe, I had done that and still didn't work).
4) Finally, add an exception in your antivirus program for the IIS Express folder inside Program Files.

- If it doesn't work: SORRY!!! But please post!, maybe we can still find out what's wrong.

Thank you all for taking the time to help!! God bless!!
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