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I already searched many references about RFID. but all of it gives me a result on how to read tags. Please help me or give some ideas on how to write ID numbers/tag on card. I am using, but i am also accepting codes for C#.

BTW i'am using this kind of device.[^]

Thank you in advance.
Patrice T 8-Nov-15 18:17pm
And the maker of your RFID tag don't have documentation, examples or anything ?
Member 10612126 8-Nov-15 18:35pm
none sir.. i only have that device and a card...
ZurdoDev 8-Nov-15 21:52pm
I'd suggest using a 3rd party tool to create them.
Member 10612126 9-Nov-15 4:10am
Yes sir.. Thats what in trying to do.. Make my own integration application. But i got problem, coz i dont have any idea on how to write or send tags to card. All i got is source codes and references in reading tags..

1 solution

You can't write to the tag. That device will only read, not write.
Member 10612126 9-Nov-15 5:26am
How am i goin to put a data(e.g. id number in bytes) to the card if i can't write it?
Dave Kreskowiak 9-Nov-15 13:08pm
You don't. The tag already has an id value in it written by the manufacturer of the tag.

When you "assign" a tag to some record, you read the ID in the tag and associate that value, whatever it is, to your record.
Member 10612126 11-Nov-15 12:28pm
Thank you very much sir.. for clarifying things..

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