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iframe is openning twice in IE11.It opens a MS word prot tp open, save and Save As document.

The code is embedded in aspx.cs page. Here is the code snippet:

aspx.cs code

string buildurl = "some url";
ifrmOpen.Attributes.Add('src', buildurl);

aspx code
<iframe id="ifrmOpen"  runat="server" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0" style='display: none;' scrolling="auto"></iframe>

Thanks in advance.
Updated 8-Nov-15 20:06pm
Gyaneswar kumar 9-Nov-15 0:45am    
Is it working fine in google chrome?If yes then please try in another version of IE and let me know.
Suvendu Shekhar Giri 9-Nov-15 1:24am    
There is no such know issue with IE11. I suspect your src is referencing to the same as you have put the iframe.

Can you share the src which causing the issue.
The first step to identify the actual issue is definitely viewing the same page with same src url for iframe in another browser.
sucharita dutta 9-Nov-15 20:26pm    
IE open-save pop up is opening twice. I have provided the src code above.The url what I was using inside iframe is a .doc file location.
ZurdoDev 9-Nov-15 8:04am    
What do you mean the iframe opens twice? An iframe doesn't open at all, it's a frame on your page.
sucharita dutta 9-Nov-15 20:24pm    
IE open-save pop up is opening twice. The above code has been used to open the pop up.

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