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Hey guys,

I am already searching many hours for a solution to display a calculated route with multiple waypoints on a bing map within my WPF application.

For my WPF application I am using MVVM light. So I have my own "MapWindow.xaml" and a View Model called "MapVM.cs".

Within my map I have already the map control:
<Grid Grid.Row="0" Margin="10,10,10,229">
    <map:Map CredentialsProvider="{StaticResource MyEducationCredentials}" Margin="0,10,0,0" Mode="{Binding MapViewModel.MapMode}" Center="{Binding MapViewModel.MapCenter}" ZoomLevel="{Binding MapViewModel.ZoomLevel}">
                <map:MapPolyline Stroke="Aqua" Opacity="0.85" StrokeThickness="6" />
        <map:MapItemsControl ItemsSource="{Binding MapViewModel.MapMarkers}"></map:MapItemsControl>

My application can already display multiple pushins and now I want to display also routes with multiple waypoints.

Like in this post, I calculated the route but I do not know how to display this route on the bing map.

Credentials cred = new Credentials();
cred.ApplicationId = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["MyEducationCredentials"];

BingServices.RouteRequest a = new BingServices.RouteRequest();
a.Credentials = cred;
a.Options = new BingServices.RouteOptions();
a.Options.Mode = BingServices.TravelMode.Driving;
a.Options.Optimization = BingServices.RouteOptimization.MinimizeDistance;
a.Waypoints = new BingServices.Waypoint[pointsOfInterestPerDay.Count];
int counter = 0;

foreach (var item in pointsOfInterestPerDay)
    BingServices.Location loca = new BingServices.Location();
    loca.Latitude = item.Latitude;
    loca.Longitude = item.Longitude;
    a.Waypoints[counter] = new BingServices.Waypoint() { Location = loca, Description = "Test" };

BingServices.RouteServiceClient rClient = new BingServices.RouteServiceClient("BasicHttpBinding_IRouteService");
BingServices.RouteResponse response = rClient.CalculateRoute(a);

So how can I display the route now to be MVVM conform?

Thank you very much for your help!
Updated 10-Nov-15 6:59am

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