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Hello All,

Below is my code for image to be shown in datalist. But whenever the image is clicked some images path are broken and not visible.

<asp:DataList runat="server" ID="dataimg" RepeatColumns="4" RepeatDirection="Horizontal"
                             ItemStyle-CssClass="panel" CssClass="table">
                                <li class="list-group-item list-group" style="width: 200px">
                                    <a href='<%# String.Concat("Img/",Eval("image")) %>' class="fancybox"
                                        target="_blank" title='<%#Eval("detail") %>' data-fancybox-group="testgroup">
                                        <img src='Img/<%#Eval("image") %>' alt="image" width="160px" height="160px" />
                                    <asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" CssClass="text text-default" Font-Size="12px" Text='<%#Eval("detail") %>'></asp:Label>
                                    <%--<label id="label">
                                    <a href="<%#"design.aspx?pid="+Eval("ID") %>">View Details</a></label>--%>

Below is my C# code:-

 protected void Unnamed1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        // NB: The "as" operator can return null:
        LinkButton lnk = sender as LinkButton;
        if (lnk == null)
            throw new InvalidOperationException("sender is not a LinkButton!");

        DateTime theDate;
        // NB: If your date is in a specific format, use TryParseExact instead.
        string format = "yyyy-MM-dd";
        if (!DateTime.TryParseExact(lnk.Text, format, null, DateTimeStyles.None, out theDate))
            // The text is not a valid date:
            throw new FormatException(string.Format("The value '{0}' is not a valid date.", lnk.Text));

        TextBox1.Text = lnk.Text;

        using (SqlConnection con1 = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["str"]))
        using (SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM date1 WHERE ddate = @ddate", con1))
            cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@ddate", theDate.Date);

            DataSet ds1 = new DataSet();
            SqlDataAdapter da1 = new SqlDataAdapter(cmd);

            dataimg.Visible = true;
            dataimg.DataSource = ds1;

Please HELP!!
Updated 12-Nov-15 16:05pm
jaket-cp 12-Nov-15 12:07pm    
Can you supply the generated markup for the img tag.
Also where are the images stored on the site?

I assume it has something to do with it img src not pointing to the correct path.

Have a read of this, it may help:
Deepak Kanswal Sharma 12-Nov-15 20:42pm    
Images are stored in the "Img" folder.
Following is the code for uploading images:-

protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

if (FileUpload1.HasFile)
uploadimage(FileUpload1, TextBox2, grouptype);

if (FileUpload2.HasFile)
uploadimage(FileUpload2, TextBox3, grouptype);

if (FileUpload3.HasFile)
uploadimage(FileUpload3, TextBox4, grouptype);

if (FileUpload4.HasFile)
uploadimage(FileUpload4, TextBox5, grouptype);

if (FileUpload5.HasFile)
uploadimage(FileUpload5, TextBox6, grouptype);

if (FileUpload6.HasFile)
uploadimage(FileUpload6, TextBox7, grouptype);

ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this, this.GetType(), "alertMessage", "alert('Pictures Uploaded Successfully')", true);

public void uploadimage(FileUpload f1, TextBox t1, DropDownList d1)

SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["str"]);
string stre = System.IO.Path.GetExtension(f1.FileName);
string strng = f1.FileName;
string s = System.DateTime.Now.Ticks.ToString() + "." + stre;
f1.SaveAs(Server.MapPath("Img/") + stre);

//SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter("Select count(*)+1 as d from ddate", con);
//int a = Convert.ToInt32("Select (count(*)+1) as d from ddate");

string query = "insert into date1 values('" + TextBox1.Text + "','" + strng + "','" + t1.Text + "','" + grouptype.SelectedItem.Value + "')";
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(query, con);

jaket-cp 13-Nov-15 5:59am    
You should reply to the comment so the comment originator (being myself this time) will get a notification.

As I mentioned please supply the generated markup for the img tag.
Use the "Improve question" link/button to update your question.
Also supply the javascript code, the c# code should not be required, if the images are being uploaded as you have stated.

1 solution

Analyze the rendered html. See what are the image urls assigned to those image tags. Make sure the images exist in the required folder.
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Deepak Kanswal Sharma 12-Nov-15 20:49pm    
Images are stored in the required folder only. All the images are stored in the same folder the problem is some of them don't load whenever a picture is clicked to load in bigger format. Does image size has to deal with it?
I don't think size is the issue. Did you try to load the whole url of the image in browser directly?

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