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Hi all,
I have a form submission page that needs to be posted on to our company's public website.The form itself is simple, basically gathers info and on submission sends a confirmation email to both company email address and the CC's sender. I need suggestions as to how best I can make it secure? I have a simple piece of code that handles spambots, but wanted to check if there is a way to make it more secure (User authentication is not necessarily reqd..but would implement it if that the only option to make the system secure)..Any thoughts, suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
Updated 12-Nov-15 9:37am
ZurdoDev 12-Nov-15 12:00pm
Secure from what?
Rajesh_1980 12-Nov-15 12:26pm
secure from spam mails and hackers as the form itself does not require any user authentication.
ZurdoDev 12-Nov-15 13:00pm
You can use captcha for spammers. For hackers, make sure you use sql parameters.
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 12-Nov-15 15:19pm
Virtual 5! :D

1 solution

As mentioned in the comments, you can use captcha for protection against spammers and then for protection against SQL injection make sure to use sql parameters when you write the information to the database.

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