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I need urgently your help. I have a stored procedure with 1 single parameter (@code)
e.g create PROCEDURE george
@code int

the send me an excel which has the codes ( for @code) that i must to execute
e.g excel has 1 column (code) and 3 rows (1111, 2222,3333)

the problem is when i am going to execute it i have to give
EXEC george @code = '1111'
EXEC george @code = '2222'
EXEC george @code = '3333'

in order to execute ( in series). but when the excel file have 100 rows this is a problem

could you tell a way ( to write different maybe the procedure or something else) so that i have to give only ONCE execution for the procedure and this executes all the codes from the excel (( in series) one after the other.
thanks in advance
Updated 13-Nov-15 20:08pm
ZurdoDev 13-Nov-15 15:17pm
You can use a cursor in SQL and take a delimited list.

1 solution

You can pass comma separated list of parameters as single parameter. Then - inside a sp - you have to split values into several rows. How? Please, see: Using comma separated value parameter strings in SQL IN clauses[^]

But i'd suggest to re-think your programme and create connection between Excel file and sql server database. Then you'll be able to select data based on relationship between databases, even if an Excel file will be having over 1M records. Another way is to create linked server[^].
Using a SQL Server Linked Server to Query Excel Files[^]
How to import data from Excel to SQL Server [^]
Moving Data From Excel to SQL Server - 10 Steps to Follow[^]
Simple way to import data into SQL Server[^]
Abhinav S 14-Nov-15 5:18am
Maciej Los 14-Nov-15 16:48pm
Thank you, Abhinav.
King Fisher 14-Nov-15 7:11am
my 5 .,
hi maciej ,
how ru?
Maciej Los 14-Nov-15 16:49pm
Thank you, King. I'm fine. And how are you?
King Fisher 23-Nov-15 4:35am
I'm very good,thank you :)

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