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I've developed a small window application in Visual Studio 2010 and I've created a setup file for it. Is there any way where I can install my application with out installing .Net Framework of a computer.

Mehdi Gholam 24-Nov-15 6:18am    
Only if your application doesn't need .net or you are not planning to run it...
F-ES Sitecore 24-Nov-15 6:39am    
Why would the framework exist if it wasn't actually needed to run your app? This is like saying "I have written something in Russian, can someone understand it if they don't know Russian?"

C# is tightly bound to the .NET framework, and won;t work without it - even "basic" datatypes like string are part of .NET rather than a part of the language. So "no, not really" is the answer here - a version of teh framework is necessary in order to run your app.
Now, there are things you can do but the simplest is to set the target framework version to one that is installed on your target OS already:[^] shows which OS comes with which .NET version as standard.

If the OS includes it, your app should run without additional framework installation.
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Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 24-Nov-15 6:42am    
Just for education... :-)
There is now a native compiler (since version 4.5), that should solve that problem of the framework...
OriginalGriff 24-Nov-15 7:17am    
Yes. But VS2010 only supports V4.0 :laugh:
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 24-Nov-15 7:20am    
That's why I didn't told you are wrong - but with community edition out it should not be a problem to upgrade, specially, when OP wants something special...
It is relatively new, but you should check it:
Compiling Apps with .NET Native[^]
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No, those old versions of applications in C# used .NET as their supportive framework so they cannot be compiled to native code (as in Solution 2).

Windows Runtime, however doesn't need you to have a specific framework (other than itself) installed, because they have already ported the components of .NET framework in Windows Runtime itself. But these things come over since Windows 8 and onwards. They use the same "concept" that C++ or Visual C++ had, to compile down to native metal code. C# code doesn't compile down to native code, instead it is compiled down to bytecode, which using JIT compiler, is compiled to native code for .NET framework's virtual machine. That is why, you cannot run the code without installing .NET framework.

In many ways, it is related to Win32, but since I have no "advanced" experience with Win32 I won't talk about that much.
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