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I am working in VB.Net 2010 with SQL Server 2014.

I need to save an image from a picture box to the database field (type=image) and also retrieve back that image and show it in the same picture box.
I also want to maintain the image quality as the original file.

Can anyone help me !


1. Did you try to break your issue down into smaller ones and search for the solution ?
2. If yes, what have tried so far ?
3. If you have, where did you stuck ?
4. And if you stuck, what's that issue ?

And I assume, you didn't try any of this.

"You won't be learn anything, if you expect others do your work for you".
You can try something on your own at first and when you stuck anywhere, anyone from here would do his/her best to help you out. But don't directly ask for the source code.

Read the Code Project Quick Answers FAQ[^] first :)

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It would be not good to answer again and again to the question asked so many times:[^].

Also, in many cases, such as the images used in a Web site/application, it can be better to store the images in the server-side file system; then they should have some unique file names; and the SQL is used for storing just names, which would make database use way more efficient.

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