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Hello! I have a simple application developed in Windows Forms with C# and recently I changed machines. So when I cloned my application from github to my new machine and tried to compile it, it all went well (no errors whatsoever). Except that my application freezes and won't start unless a debugging session is active (which makes my application undistributable and even unable to run without VS and debugging).

Visual Studio freezes as well and the binaries (.exe, .obj, etc) get all locked down by System and I can't delete them unless i restart my computer. I can't even kill the tasks through console using their PIDs. I can kill VS though and VSBuild, etc.

I have no extra packages installed nor any fancy stuff going on, it's simply a forms application that calls another process, and it works swell with the debugger attached to it (configuration, running, closing, everything).
One thing to note is that on my previous PC the project path was different, but i can say that i fixed every single project configuration to the current path it is in.

Does anyone knows what is this all about? If anyones needs to test it here's it's repo:


Pardon the messy code, i will fix it later as it is just for testing.

Thank you!
Updated 25-Nov-15 8:38am
Richard MacCutchan 25-Nov-15 4:31am    
Try rebuilding completely, and adding some debug code. It is impossible for anyone here to guess what may be happening.
George Jonsson 25-Nov-15 17:18pm    
Is it when you call the other process it hangs?
Victor Feitosa 25-Nov-15 22:04pm    
Not at all, it's way before the application can even open. I'm starting to think it's about some configuration loading or variable initialization. After a little research people complain release mode can have a limited heap size at first and it may cause crashes.
Victor Feitosa 3-Dec-15 17:56pm    
Okay so just to bring some closure,I had to format the computer so I could have a completely clean install of Visual Studio. It all works fine now, i'm suspecting it was someting related to corrupted add-ons or something like that, maybe even the anti-virus, since most of my applications had the same issue when not attaching a debugger to them.

1 solution

This is a problem I've never heard of.

My only suggestion is going to be to open the project folder in explorer, show hidden files, delete the .SUO file in there, open the .SLN file, do a Clean Build menu -> Clean solution), then Build the solution (F6).
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