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Dear Experts
I hope you can give me some tips, ideas, keywords to google. I’m definitively not a web developer and so I have a problem because I have been asked to support a web page with some specific algorithms.

A.) The specific algorithm is only available “in native Win32”, either Exe/DLL or Service (and I’m definitely not keen to change this, because of a huge part of the code is “tied to Win”)

B.) I like to support Linux and Win based Web Servers. This point I think will push me to provide my algorithm as a kind of service….Corba, I don’t know what…

What is today’s state of the art to solve something like this?
As mentioned above, keywords are ok, I’m not asking for the final solution.

Thank you very much in advance.

N.B: What I remember from the past there was something like CGI and ISAPI, but my feeling tells me both of them are obsolete and anyway do not match because I like to have “my part” only in Win.

[Edit]Sorry for my bad english[/Edit]
Updated 4-Dec-15 5:18am
[no name] 4-Dec-15 10:50am    
Message for the down voter of the Q: Any arguments available?
If not please have a look to [^]
based on[^]

[Edit1]Down voter no 2, see dito[Edit1]
Richard MacCutchan 4-Dec-15 13:08pm    
Well it wasn't me but the reason is probably the same as mine to the original post of this question. It is impossible to know what you are trying to do, or even to guess what keywords would be useful.
[no name] 4-Dec-15 13:33pm    
Thank you very much for your objective comment!

"Well it wasn't me"
Yes I see this, otherwise it would be more than "-4"/"-2".
I can live with the down votes as long they are commented and I'm sure in case you down vote you will give a comment.

The rest of the story…..sorry it seems really to be my bad English to formulate my question reasonable. For me the question is short and clear, but I think I have to think again about it.
PIEBALDconsult 6-Dec-15 13:33pm    
There's no such thing as a down-vote.

1 solution

You can look at your web application as one with schizophrenia...
It has two parts - one that runs at the server and the other that runs on the client...For the argument you can say that the server side is no different from a win application...And I mean that you can access any external code (your WIN32 based dll) the exact same way you do in your win application...
And now that's what brings you your problem with support Linux based web server...You can run ASP.NET applications in Apache[^] server using the proper mod, but the WIN32 based code may have some problems to run...You will have to test it with wine (or alernatives)[^] to see if it is possible to run that specific code at all...
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[no name] 7-Dec-15 10:13am    
Thank you very much for reply, my 5. Is providing my Win Part as a Service a bad idea and using it over tcpip? Or Soap, is this not a technics to solve exactly such a problem?

BTW: Wine I already tested and I'm surprised how smooth this works.

Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 7-Dec-15 13:34pm    
To expose your functionality via any kind of service can be a very good thing, and also a very bad...It depends on what is that functionality and how exactly you expose it...
But! In your case it is irrelevant, in that manner, that it will not remove the need for a Windows based machine...In this scenario you will have a Windows machine, running your WIN32 based dll, exposed as service, and a Linux/Windows based web service that let the client access the functionality...So still there is at least one Windows machine there...
[no name] 7-Dec-15 13:48pm    
Yep one Windows machine Needs to be there (or Wine).
I accepted your answer, thank you once again for your Attention.
Still I'm confused, because I think "my" requirement is not very Special...

I like to upvote once again, but as you know it is not possible.
Thank you, Bruno
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 7-Dec-15 13:55pm    
If you mean by your requirement, that you have to use older - closed - code from modern code - you are right, there is nothing special about it and we all do that all the time...The problem beginning when you want the system run on OS that do not support the old code...
So you may have to remove that part of the requirement or work much harder to fit in...
[no name] 7-Dec-15 14:05pm    
No, "my requirements" was adressed only to Linux/win web Servers, also with non legacy code.

Making my code to look up to date I think is not that hard.

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