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How to convert bitmap image to wsq in secugen
OriginalGriff 6-Dec-15 5:44am
What have you tried?
Where are you stuck?
What help do you need?
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 6-Dec-15 5:45am
What WSQ?
Member 11985511 6-Dec-15 6:50am
I have a secugen sdk by default it's image are saving in bitmap....i need wsq to convert bitmap to wsq????????? i need to convert in runtime????
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 6-Dec-15 7:02am
In the context of images, WSQ is a compression algorithm for gray-scale fingerprint images, not an image format...Are we talking about the same thing?
Member 11985511 6-Dec-15 7:14am
Member 11985511 6-Dec-15 6:52am
Here is my Code

private void CaptureLiveImage(int fingerIndex)
int imageOutputQuality = 0;
Int32 iError;
Int32 timeout;
Int32 quality;
Byte[] fp_image;
Int32 elap_time;

timeout = 10000;
quality = GlobalResources.MinimumScore;
fp_image = new Byte[m_ImageWidth * m_ImageHeight];
elap_time = Environment.TickCount;

iError = m_FPM.GetImageEx(fp_image, timeout, this.pictureBoxPreview.Handle.ToInt32(), quality);

m_FPM.GetImageQuality(m_ImageWidth, m_ImageHeight, fp_image, ref imageOutputQuality);

lblPersentance.Text = imageOutputQuality.ToString();

DrawImage(fp_image, pictureBoxPreview);

if (iError == 0)
elap_time = Environment.TickCount - elap_time;
//StatusBar.Text = "Capture Time : " + elap_time + "millisec";

string fileName = "FingerPrint_" + fingerIndex;
string filePath = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["FingerPrintImage"].ToString() + "\\" + fileName + ".bmp";

1 solution

WSQ[^] compression format developed by the FBI, and as much as I know never made public...
I also do not know about open-source implementation of the algorithm, but there are payed libraries...
(Search for 'wsq .net library' to find them)

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