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Hello everyone,

I'm developing Puzzle Game for my little brother. I wanna drawing Puzzle Piece like below.[^]

I can't use Bitmap or Picturebox. So I need to draw it with Graphics Path but I don't know too much about Graphics Path.

Anyone can help me for draw these pieces?

Thanks for answers. Have a good day :)
[no name] 11-Dec-15 10:02am    
Umut Comlekcioglu 11-Dec-15 11:02am    
Polygon isn't compatible for my question because I need to Curved Line for Puzzle Piece
[no name] 11-Dec-15 11:44am    
Oh, if polygon is not ok than I think you will have bigger Problems....
Please think again about it. Polygon will fit your request more or less perfect ;)
BillWoodruff 11-Dec-15 12:27pm    
fyi: GDI has arcs, and bezier curves (splines)
[no name] 11-Dec-15 12:32pm    
Thank you for this Information. But I thought OP Needs to start with something easier. I'm not sure about it.

1 solution

Have a look at this CP article Professional C# - Graphics with GDI+[^]

There is also a reference zone[^] here on CP

Or there always the M$ documentation[^]
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[no name] 11-Dec-15 10:09am    
that looks pretty good, a 5
Umut Comlekcioglu 11-Dec-15 11:05am    
I know how can I use GDI but I can't draw that shape with GDI. I think I need to use Graphic Path but I don't know too much thing about Graphics Paths. Maybe someone share the code to draw Puzzle Piece
CHill60 11-Dec-15 11:16am    
I'm fairly sure that you can ... did you not see the erratic shapes produced in the article?
Here's another example[^] or you could adapt this WPF example WPF Jigsaw Puzzle[^]
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 11-Dec-15 11:16am    
You cannot just say "I cannot" all the time and expect some help. If "don't know to much", learn it. If you have some concerns you can explain, we will gladly help.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 11-Dec-15 11:17am    

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