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I want to be able to access zkTeco time attendance device via web page. The device comes with SDK. Accessing and configuring has been successful with vb and c#. I want users to do same via web- downloading attendance records uploading and downloading user info and configuring the device. The device is connected via LAN. Currently I use DK100 and iface. Thanks
Updated 15-Oct-20 22:49pm
F-ES Sitecore 14-Dec-15 11:42am    
Contact the vendor and ask what SDK they have for getting the data and for examples on its use.
ZurdoDev 14-Dec-15 16:25pm    
You'll still have to use the SDK as a resource. Where are you stuck exactly?[^] See the question "What's the difference between ZKFinger sdk and ZKOnline SDK."

It looks like you may want to look into ZKOnline SDK.
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kwaku Emma 15-Dec-15 13:22pm    
Thanks you very much. I appreciate that.
kwaku Emma 15-Dec-15 13:29pm    
Please can you post a link to where I can get the online sdk?
Member 13682755 17-Feb-18 7:55am    
Here:, i found an online sdk for fingerprint attendance system. Not sure, if your machine is supported.
dheeram 6-May-21 12:08pm    
Thank you. It helped.
Member 14552990 7-Aug-19 6:46am    
The mentioned link =>
is just deleted, now where to get help on this issue ! plz help
ZkOnlineSDK is not provided by the manufactures, hence we cant find anywhere. We can integrate the biometric machines with the remote server in only two ways:
1. With the help of SDK, develop a windows application, which will read the attendance data from the biometric machine which has been connected into the local network, and push the data to your server instantly.
2. Find Web API supported biometric machines and connect the machines to your remote server directly.
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Maciej Los 11-Feb-18 14:38pm    
This question has been answered almost 3 years ago!
[no name] 11-Feb-18 14:43pm    
I think question is not answered. AS per the questioner last comment was, he needs to know the location to download the online SDK. The link provided by the earlier answer does not have the same. I have explored more about finding online SDK, after seeing this answer, and finally found that it is not exist for public use other than own manufacturer. So the question is not answered.
Maciej Los 11-Feb-18 15:30pm    
Sorry, but you're wrong. Solution #1 has been accepted.
[no name] 11-Feb-18 15:39pm    
You are right. Solution has been accepted. Hope you would also not deny that, questioner has asked a question back and was not answered. If you explore yourself for downloading the zkonline sdk, you would also not get them anywhere.
Member 13682755 17-Feb-18 7:58am    
Your answer was indeed, i got my zkteco fingerprint machine integrated with my website. thanks buddy..

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