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Hi, I'm writing an application form. The application form divided into 3 section. Section A, section B, and Section C. Section A requester only can fill up the form. requester couldn't edit or add any value in the section B or C.

I just do the code for hide. But my manager said change it to can the requester can see the full application form. But the just can edit their part only. How to do other sections can't be edited. someone please give me suggestionn. thank you
Suvendu Shekhar Giri 15-Dec-15 1:09am    
Make all the controls except those required to be editable to readonly.

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According to your description i assume its based on the role
Your statement
But the just can edit their part only

If your requirement based on the role, its easy to make the editable for the required person, if the person is not in the role you can make the specific control read only /non editable.

design : make all control readonly, code behind make specific control editable depends on the role.
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