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Hi, I´m a student and my PC broke down and I can´t afford to fix it at the moment. So what i have at the moment is:

Pentium4 1.5GHz
Windows XP SP3

Can I install React Native somehow? Am not experienced with packaging managers. Tried to install React Native, but does Gyp work with VS 2008 installed? Can I work around that by using precompiled modules or something like that? Can I install another OS like Lixux, will that enable me to install? Thanks
Updated 15-Dec-15 4:48am

Hi again, istalled Lubuntu as recommended and works fine on the old pc. Built the React-Native and dependencies libs (on linux you can use gcc for node-gyp)and managed to build release APK for Android, just in case anybody is interested regarding really old PC
Concerning WinXP SP3 on the PC, Ive been using the PC with that OS in the basement for years and in my opinion worked OK
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Hi, thanks for the responses. Perhaps my tag "ReactJs" is misleading, Iused it because there is no "React Native" tag defined.

React Native is normally installed with npm, which during installing uses node-gyp, which on Win has Visual C++ compiler as dependancy. React Native seems to do a lot, like create project file structure, provide js libraries and native libraries for the native part of hybrid app, creates a build file for building the app ect. I as a newbie am probably best off using their recommended route.
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Well, this is a tough case…

Even old not-so-good Windows XP along makes little to no sense of such configuration. I think Linux would be much better choice, and even not just Linux, but better some really lightweight distro. Most likely, you would want it with desktop environment and something Windows-like, then Lubuntu (Ubuntu based on lightweight LXDE desktop) would be one of the best choices.

I have no idea why would you need Visual Studio; you know better. If you need to do JavaScript development with ReactJS, which is nothing but a JavaScript library, then, strictly speaking, you only need a Web browser and some text editor. On your configuration, even a big IDE on Linux could be slow, but it's hard to say, you just can try.

The problem of answering you is that I don't know what you really need and what not.

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To be honest with you, I wouldn't even try: VS 2008 on it's own has a minimum requirements
1.6 GHz or faster processor
384 MB of RAM or more
2.2 GB of available hard-disk space

But I wouldn't even think of running XP in less than 1GB, and preferably 2GB. And that 20GB HDD is going to be pretty tight as well...

Find the money and fix your broken one: it's going to save you a fortune in time!
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