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Hi Folks,

I do have a search string, and I need to display the words similar to that search string from a particular Oracle DataTable.

I am able to do that but since the search is through the entire
DataTable it's time consuming, thus creating a performance issue.
Please suggest how do I go for it...
Updated 2-Sep-10 5:52am
Dalek Dave 2-Sep-10 11:52am
Minor Edit for Grammar.

1 solution

If you are searching only in one field, just use standard SQL command:

SELECT myfield FROM mytable WHERE criteria=searchstring;

If you are searching on the whole row, try this:

using System.Data;
using System.Linq;

// this is for single result, would return null if no result
DataRow result = (from DataRow r in tableVariable.Rows
where string.Join(",", r.ItemArray).Contains(searchString)
select r).FirstOrDefault();

// and this is for many result
List<DataRow> results = (from DataRow r in tableVariable.Rows
where string.Join(",", r.ItemArray).Contains(searchString)
select r).ToList();

Haven't tried it though, but I think it is an fast and effective way (not time-consuming).
RoopikaS 3-Sep-10 2:37am
Hey Dalek,,
Thanks for your answer, But my concern was,
I am trying to search a string from table, I do know the Column name of the same,and am searching the user entered Search String in that particular Column


OracleConnection Oracon = new OracleConnection(sql);
OracleDataAdapter dataAdapter = new OracleDataAdapter("SELECT * FROM MY_TABLE", Oracon);
dt = new DataTable();
DataView dv1 = new DataView(dt);
foreach (DataRow row in dt.Select())
// Do something with columnValue

This is the way Im getting the values from Table and then I am carrying out
Search on it..

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