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I am not sure if this is a suitable location to ask, but still plz try to hellp. This is non programming issue but still. I am too frustrated :). PLease try to help.

I am trying to install VS 2010 from quite long time. But the installation asks to restart and after restart fails at installing prerequisites.

I know this is a repost, but I wish I some one can give some concrete solution.

Tried downloading many versions of 2010 from different location and they all failed with the same ‘installing prerequisite’ problem.
Tried searching a lot on net. But I guess, no one has any CONCRETE solution for this. Every where people give two three options those everyone already knows. (‘Replyers’ plz don’t mind, I am just specifying the reality, nothing to be taken personally). And those solutions too are very ‘not to the point’.
These are the tries those failed eventually… 
Just to save any one elses time trying the same..
1. Tried installing from Image (virtual disk), local files and burning physical DVD. Nothing helpd
2. Tried all combinations from point 1 with installing on my win 7 and vista on physical machine. Tried formatting and then installing VS 2010, still failed.
3. Tried creating Virtual PC and then install on virtual windows V and 7 x64, still failed
4. One more thing to add,
If the installation goes in this loop of installing Prerequisits for x64 and then Restarting Computer, one cant even install VS 2008 or VS 2005. You got no other option then formatting your system. After formatting I could atleast install 2005/2008.
5. Even clearing .Net 4.0**** from registry didn’t helped. Deleting registry manually in win 7 is real pain in neck (actlly for beterment, but just TOO inteligent system )
6. Tried installnig with anti virus disabled/not installed (multiplied with with all above combinations ) still failed.
All these experiments have taken hell lots of weekends and lots of sleeples nights. Hope some one finds the trick.
Plz post back if some one is able to install that.

thanks :)

1 solution

I have not heard of anyone with this much headache in getting VS2010 installed. My suggestion would be to contact Microsoft (perhaps a pre-sales department?) and see if you can get some help.

Otherwise, get on Microsoft Connect and file a bug. They'll get you to submit the logs.

Before going that route, you might be able to sort it out yourself; check the install logs after the pre-req failure and figure out what's not installing.

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