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I'm writing application using mono develop to automate functionalities of website.
My application is using selenium web driver for automation.
Now the problem is that my application is to open google chrome and chrome driver acts as intermediate b/w application and google chrome. so my application says chromedriver not found.
Now the question is I am accessing ChromeDriver.dmg from mono so where should I place chrome driver.dmg?

so I'm facing path issue. then I tried fixing $PATH through mac terminal using .bash_profile as a newbie to mac environment I'm not sure whether I have entered a correct Path or not, however I know if bash_profile has wrong values then terminal donot work so syntax is correct but not sure which one is my path as echo $PATH gves multiple paths separated by ":".
Please brief me here about Path with example like I need to put chromedriver.dmg at /usr/local/git/bin what should I write in my .bash_profile?

All I need is to set path I guess. let me know if there is any thing else other than path to be set in mac to get chromedriver working through monoDevelop.

Looking forward to hear from you.
Sohaib Javed
Updated 29-Dec-15 20:47pm

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