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to be more precise, than the title says:
I am working on a SIP App which uses a "sticky" Service when starting to boot the Sip stack and to keep it alive even when the app is in background for a long time and even when Android starts purging things when resources get low.
minApi Level is 15.

My technical Problem is this:
- Can I somehow "detect" when the user closes the app from the open-apps-list with a swipe? Or is this a simple and plain "kill" of my app's process and there is no available hook to perform some last action before getting killed?

What I need to achieve is:
- Service stays active all the time, no matter whether the app is in foreground or background and no matter for how long it stays there.
- The App must not be "exited" when pressing the back button on the main activity (dialer) - this is by requirement of the product owners - that part is solved.
BUT... - and here starts my problem:
- When the user is "killing" the app (i.e. swipe from the app list), the sip stack shall perform a shutdown and the user is "not available" via sip - i.e. "offline". Technical for my app, this means: Shutdown Sip / Stop the sticky service.

What approach to take here?

Thanks for any tipps, this is driving me crazy.
cheers, Mike
Updated 1-Jan-16 0:25am
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 1-Jan-16 5:42am    
Interesting question, doesn't onDestory() help you in what you want to achieve? The function is executed when application is destroyed. I never tried it to test the swiping removal, but maybe it can help you.
Mike (Prof. Chuck) 1-Jan-16 6:16am    
Thanks for the quick reply :)
Unfortunately onDestroy on the Main activity does not help - it even gets called whenever Android thinks, it needs resources.
I need the point, where the "user" takes a "conscious action" of killing the app *now*.
I am not really sure, if this is possible in a way the product owners want it.

onDestroy() and onStop() wouldn't be fired if app is closed from recent apps list or killed by android system. But there may be a workaround like these:

How to handle code when app is killed by swiping in android? - Stack Overflow[^]
android - How to detect app removed from the recent list - Stack Overflow[^]
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Mike (Prof. Chuck) 3-Jan-16 12:11pm    
This looks like what I have been searching for - onTaskRemoved - didn't know the manifest flag so far - thank you very much!
ridoy 3-Jan-16 12:48pm    
Thank you!
Not sure if you can get what you are asking but Activity | Android Developers[^] shows the various callbacks you can use.
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I am not sure if it will work by can't you make the startForeground. Just make sure you START_STICKY in the onStartCommand. It will still kill the service but it should automatically start the service once again after a few seconds. Hopefully what I said helps you out.
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