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Public Class Form1
    Function Data()
        Dim speed As Single
        Dim distance, time, average_speed As Integer

        txttime1.Text = CInt(time)
        txttime2.Text = CInt(time)
        txttime3.Text = CInt(time)
        txttime4.Text = CInt(time)

        speed = distance / time

        Dim valid_chars As String

        Dim valid_int As Integer = "1234567890"

        average_speed = 31.3

        Dim foreign As String
        foreign = Rnd(valid_chars & valid_int & valid_chars & valid_int)

        Dim uk_plate As String
        uk_plate = Rnd(valid_chars & valid_chars & valid_int & valid_int & valid_chars & valid_chars & valid_chars)

This is my code, I need help with a solution.
My aim is to create a car plate and I need help creating a car plate w/ the UK car plate format (2 letters, 2 numbers and 3 letters in that order)
Updated 5-Jan-16 0:07am
John C Rayan 5-Jan-16 6:03am    
More details would help.

Take a look at this code:
' You have declared a variable time, the value in VB is initialized with 0
Dim distance, time, average_speed As Integer

' ...

' ... you try to divide through null
speed = distance / time
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It doesn't work because it doesn't do anything.
All it does is add the string "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ" to itself 5 times, include the interes twice and pass that:
to the Rnd fucntion. Which almost certainly doesn't know what to do with it...

Throw that away.
Move your valid_chars and valid_int to class level Shared strings.
Create a class level Random instance, and GetLetter and GetDigit methods which use it to generate an index into the appropriate Shared string and return a single character.
Then call them the appropriate number of times. aware that that won't necessarily generate a valid UK number plate: AA99AAA will not be valid for a lot of years, and AA16III or AA16OOO will never be valid...
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