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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web;
using TM_3_1_16.Models;

namespace TM_3_1_16

    public class getfieldsdisplayname : DisplayNameAttribute

        public getfieldsdisplayname(string tblname, string colname)
            : base(GetMessageFromResource(tblname, colname))


        private static string GetMessageFromResource(string tblname, string colname)
            DBContext db = new DBContext();

            // colname = base.displayname // I want to retrun which is current porpery name, so that I can find display name in database based on the current field name retrun display name from Database 

            return db.fieldsnames.Where(col => col.ColumnsName == colname).Select(dis => dis.DisplayName).FirstOrDefault().ToString();

Updated 6-Jan-16 4:27am
Maciej Los 6-Jan-16 13:02pm
Can you elaborate?
Member 10722203 6-Jan-16 23:42pm

I would like to create custom data annotation which return display name form the database and i want to pass class name (which treats as table name) and Column name (which treats as column name) and I want to get class name and column name from where i used my custom data annotation

And i need to pass both class name and field name in my EF query then return display name from data base
Maciej Los 7-Jan-16 2:28am
OK, but you did not specify what's wrong with your code.
Have a look here: mvc - Get [DisplayName] attribute of a property in strongly-typed way - Stack Overflow[^]

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