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I am new to LinQ, i want to convert a foreach with if else statement into linq,
please help me out thanks in advance
below is my code

foreach (Contact contactValues in contactsFromDb)
                    Outlook.MAPIFolder contacts = Globals.ThisAddIn.Application.Session.GetDefaultFolder(Outlook.OlDefaultFolders.olFolderContacts);
                    Outlook.Items colItems = contacts.Items;
                    string contactId = contactValues.Id.ToString();
                    string FilterString = "[CustomerID] = '" + contactId + "'";
                    Outlook.ContactItem excistingContact = (Outlook.ContactItem)colItems.Find(FilterString);
                    if (excistingContact == null)
                        Outlook.ContactItem oContact = (Outlook.ContactItem)contacts.Items.Add(Common.Helper.ContactClassForm);
                        AssignvaluesToContact(contactValues, null, contacts);
                        if (excistingContact.LastModificationTime < contactValues.LastModifiedDate)
                            Outlook.ContactItem oContact = (Outlook.ContactItem)contacts.Items.Add(Common.Helper.ContactClassForm);
                            AssignvaluesToContact(contactValues, excistingContact, contacts);
lw@zi 11-Jan-16 7:06am
What is the data type of contactsFromDb? Regardless, I do not think you will gain anything by converting this to LINQ expression. This is actually better in terms of readability IMHO.

1 solution

as you said LINQ may not help for performance but i would still like to make a try with LinQ just to see how it behaves with LINQ , it would be great if you can help. thanks

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