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Hi guys,

I have a thousands rows with 106 columns. The first column (chromosome and location) just contains a chromosome and location but can be duplicated whereas the rest of the columns range from 1-105 in which it correspond to the sample number. If the sample has a certain chromosome and location then, I want to add the number one to that cell so that at the end I will calculate the sum of each sample that has one in it. The problem I am having tough time to program in Python is how can I write this to a file if the same key appear more than once of different sample. How can I add the number one to that cell so I can get the sum later on.

Thanks a lot in advance,

The code I have so far is found below:

 with open(os.path.join(file_out+".txt"),'w') as outpt:

 dic = defaultdict(list)
  outpt.write("chrom_pos"+"\t"+"\t".join(samp_num)+ "\t"+"\n")
  for k ,val in dic.iteritems():      # k is the chromosome:location. val is the sample number 1 out 105
    for  v in val:     
        outpt_TSS.write(int(k)*("\t")+ str(1)+'\n')   # This will have duplicates chrome_pos and I don't want that, I want one chrome_pos with number ones corresponding to multiple samples.

1 solution

write val to a new array and with next, verify if already exist in that list then skip.
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