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Hi All,

I have a Windows application. I want to create a mobile app out of it. Is there any possible way for that? Is it possible to use the existing c# code and do any conversion kind of thing to make it an mobile app(iOS/Android/Windows). I know this sounds weird. Windows to iOS isn't possible. We specifically need to create a brand new app using swift or something related to iOS.

I want to create an iOS app or/and Android app or/and Windows app which I can use as part of my project.

My project: This is a windows application, using c# and WebAPI's (to get the data from the services). We also use some batch processes. Is there any way I can schedule that using the app I want to create.Mobile apps are new for me.

I appreciate if you can discuss on this, to make me understand.

My apologies if this is a stupid question.
Thank You!

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Cyrus_Vivek 12-Jan-16 15:30pm
Hi Dave,

Thanks you for taking time out to read the question. This will surely help. is very new to me. Is this open source?
I also have a concern., can I use my old VS projects code Or do I need to rewrite all the code to create a mob app?

Dave Kreskowiak 12-Jan-16 17:34pm
Open Source? Yes and No.

Can you use your old project? I have no idea if you can directly open a VS project in Xamarin. But, depending on how you wrote your code, you can create a new project, create new code files in the project and copy'n'paste your code. You'll probably have to rewrite sections of it but you can get away with what you already have some way.
Cyrus_Vivek 13-Jan-16 13:35pm
Yes and NO??
Dave Kreskowiak 13-Jan-16 14:46pm
It depends on exactly which piece of the entire system you're talking about.

And, really, does it matter at all?
Cyrus_Vivek 14-Jan-16 10:03am
Piece of the entire system: My focus is to convert my windows application project into a mobile application.
Really matters? Yes, as I am in learning mode.
Dave Kreskowiak 14-Jan-16 10:28am
The question of whether Xamarin is open source or not has no bearing on your project what-so-ever.

Just like .NET Framework, most of it is open source, not all of it. Visual Studio is not open source. NuGet (the package manager used inside Visual Studio IS open source). It goes on and on from there. It really does depend on which piece of the entire system you're talking about.

But again, whether or not the dev environment is open source or not has absolutely nothing to do with your project.
Cyrus_Vivek 15-Jan-16 11:30am
Thank you Dave! This helped!

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