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Hello everyone,

I have made a SQL Query string that gather data from two different columns in a database (column "ordernr" and column "CM") actually I would like to combine the columns to one from the query but I didn't succeed I tried a couple of different ways.

that is why I have created a data set where I put the query result, my issue I have still got 2 different columns.

I have written an example loop that loops through first row and first object then next object next column same row and then so on..
(see in code below)

now I need a function that combine the two objects same row into one string. and for all the rows put them in a table.


this is what I get:
Column "ordernr" column "CM"
1000 this is an example test

this is what I want:

(new table called "test")

1000 ---- this is an example test

Could someone help me?

here is my code so far:

Private Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click

       Dim da As SqlDataAdapter
       Dim SQLStr As String
       Dim cnn As SqlConnection
       DataGridView1.DataSource = Nothing
       cnn = New SqlConnection(connectionString)

       'Query för alla kolumner
       SQLStr = "SELECT " & _
       "tt.ordernr 'Ordernr'," & _
       "PostIt.Text as 'CM'" & _
       "FROM [Teknotrans_dev].dbo.OpusOrder as tt INNER JOIN" & _
       "[MyDB].dbo.CompanyMain as c On tt.bolagsnr = INNER JOIN" & _
       "[MyDB].dbo.OpusOrderrow as ord On ord.ordernr = tt.ordernr INNER JOIN" & _
       "[MyDB].dbo.PostIt as PostIt On PostIt.ordernr = tt.ordernr INNER JOIN" & _
       "[MyDB].dbo.OrderVolvoLanguageName as snSrc ON ord.kallspraknr = snSrc.spraknr INNER JOIN" & _
       "[MyDB].dbo.OrderVolvoLanguageName as snTrg ON ord.malspraknr = snTrg.spraknr"
       da = New SqlDataAdapter(SQLStr, TTCon)
       ds2 = New DataSet

       DataGridView2.DataSource = ds2.Tables(0)

       For Each Row As DataRow In ds2.Tables(0).Rows
           For Each Coll As DataColumn In ds2.Tables(0).Columns
               Dim s As String = Row(Coll.ColumnName).ToString()



   End Sub

Could someone help me?

Thank you in advance
Updated 25-Feb-16 23:14pm
Basmeh Awad 13-Jan-16 9:07am    
did you try to concatenate them? "SELECT TT.ORDERNR + ' ' + PostIt.Text FROM...."
this will combine them
Daniel Elmnas 13-Jan-16 9:38am    
I have already tried that.

Error 245: Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value 'my example text 12338' to data type int.
Nigam,Ashish 26-Feb-16 5:11am    
you Need to Convert ordernr field in varchar/char type. You can use like

"SELECT convert(varchar(100),TT.ORDERNR) + ' ' + PostIt.Text FROM"

Ashish Nigam
Daniel Elmnas 13-Jan-16 9:39am    
The problem its both digits and also numerics

1 solution

You Have to Convert ordernr field in varchar/char type. You can use like:

SELECT convert(varchar(100),TT.ORDERNR) +''+ PostIt.Text FROM ;

Ashish Nigam
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