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Hello everyone! Does anyone know a way to get the client machine time zone and then pass it to the server. I have found one script but it doesn't seem to work.
It both a javascritp and C# Combo exactly what I am looking for, If it worked. Attached is the script maybe someone can figure it out what I;m missing.


<script language="javascript">
function checkClientTimeZone()
    // Set the client time zone
    var dt = new Date();
    SetCookieCrumb(&quot;ClientDateTime&quot;, dt.toString());
    var tz = -dt.getTimezoneOffset();
    SetCookieCrumb(&quot;ClientTimeZone&quot;, tz.toString());
    // Expire in one year
    dt.setYear(dt.getYear() + 1);
    SetCookieCrumb(&quot;expires&quot;, dt.toUTCString());
// Attach to the document onload event

And then Server side
public static int GetTimeZoneOffset(HttpRequest Request)
            TimeZone tz = TimeZone.CurrentTimeZone;
            TimeSpan ts = tz.GetUtcOffset(DateTime.Now);
            int result = (int)ts.TotalMinutes;
            HttpCookie cookie = Request.Cookies["ClientTimeZone"];
            if (cookie != null)
                Int32.TryParse(cookie.Value, out result);
            return result;
Updated 3-Sep-10 13:22pm
raju melveetilpurayil 3-Sep-10 19:22pm
[edit] edited for more readability [/edit]
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Solution 1

Robert Adamo 3-Sep-10 19:46pm
I check out the link and it seem to have a whole new issue of problem that is out of my league But Thanks anyway
I'll keep looking.
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Solution 2

just fill the client time zone in a hidden field.
it is the easiest way.
something like this:
Note:you can use now.toUTCString() or any thing else. but to be honest I have not used "toUTCString" before!:confused:
function GetDate()
    var now = new Date();
    var monthnumber = now.getMonth();
    var monthday    = now.getDate();
    var year        = now.getYear();
    monthnumber ++;
    var sMonth=monthnumber.toString();
    var sDay=monthday.toString();
    if (monthnumber<10) sMonth ="0" + sMonth;
    if (sDay<10) sDay ="0" +sDay;
    return year + "/" + sMonth + "/" + sDay;
<input id="hdnTime" type="hidden" value="" />

you can also use xmlhttp to send the result to the server if you want not to refresh your page.
Robert Adamo 3-Sep-10 19:45pm
Sorry very new to this xmlhttp. Can you give an example. Thanks

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