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I want to develop an application like yahoo messenger.

I want to send msg from client #1 to Client #2 that are connected to a server.
Server is in internet,(in other words server has Valid IP).
My clients are connected via Dial up or ADSL and have valid or invalid ip.

How can I send data from #1 to server and then rout data from server to #2?

By socket Programming? By .net remoting?
really, I'm confused,

please help to ,
so thanks,
Updated 15-Sep-10 22:25pm
Dalek Dave 16-Sep-10 4:25am    
Edited for Readability and Syntax.
Sandeep Mewara 18-Sep-10 9:44am    
Either use 'Improve Question' link to update your question OR use 'Add comment' feature to respond to an answer. Dont hit answer button when actually it is not an answer.

There are several references to this in Google;[^]

Alternatively, visit Yahoo Developer Respources at[^]
Here you will find all the API's including the authentication and messaging protocols as well as everything else you can do with Yahoo.
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Dalek Dave 16-Sep-10 4:25am    
Good Call.
Search for Client Server chat application in .Net on Google.
you will get your answer.
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hi thanks for your attention,
can you explain for me the algorithm of it?

HOWWWWWWWWWWW does server send data to clint?

wait, wait, what i said is correct? isn't it? :~ :mad: :sigh: :(

so, let me check these links,
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Yusuf 4-Sep-10 5:24am    
Well several observations:
1. Don't hit the Answer button, instead you want to utilize the "Add Comment" link to ask for more questions.
2. Check your spelling. I don't think you meant Clint, what you want to say is Client.
3. Don't shout. HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW does not get you any where, where us How is plenty enough
4. Don't overuse emitcons. Which one does tell your feeling?

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