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function onClick(e) {
       var SelectedVal = e.item[0].outerText;

       var urlsearch = "@Url.Content("~/TTSCancel/View2")";
           type: "POST",
           url: urlsearch,
           data: { GetSelectedVal: SelectedVal },

           success: function (result) {
               window.location = result.url;
Thomas Daniels 20-Jan-16 8:13am    
Do you intend to get this URL from the response? If yes, what's the response format? XML, JSON, ...?
Sathish km 20-Jan-16 8:31am    
public ActionResult View2(string GetSelectedVal)
IList<string> split1;
split1 = GetSelectedVal.Split(new[] { '\n' });

ViewBag.Code = split1[0];
ViewBag.Desc = split1[2];

return View();

passing to this..
Thomas Daniels 20-Jan-16 8:34am    
What does View2 look like?
Sathish km 20-Jan-16 8:39am    
Thomas Daniels 20-Jan-16 8:41am    
That doesn't answer my question; I'd like to see your view, not your action method.

"View2" has to return an object in JSON format that has a "url" property. It obviously doesn't but as you haven't posted what "View2" is it's hard to advise why that might be. If you are looking to call an action on a controller then google "jquery call mvc action json" and you'll find examples.
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In the comments, you said that you actually just want http://localhost:60972/TTSCancel/View2, which is the absolute URL of the page urlsearch refers to.

You just need to do this:
var absoluteUrl = '@Url.Action("View2", "TTSCancel", null, Context.Request.Scheme)';
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