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I am trying to have an embed flash player inside my c++ project so my application executable doesn`t need flash player to be installed in every pc and O.S. when it is running.
Cause of commersial flash licenses this cannot be done.
But it can be done with alternative players that can play swf files as flash player does.

I am using flash player 8 or 9 and actionscript 2 on my projects so i dont have to worry about updates on ac3 or new flash players updates.

After a big search around the net i have found the most usable alternative players that can play swf files as flash player does and they have plugins that can be used inside c++ projects as far as i read.

So here are the links of the alternative flash players :

Since i am a total newbie in c++ and vs i would like to mention what i like to achieve and then what i need to ask from all the experts on c++

What i try to achieve is this :

I want to make an exetubale app that will have no need of flash player in any pc and at least the 3 basic O.S. (windows - Mac - Linux) that it will be executed and it is able to play and read my specific swf files.

With all the above said i want to ask this :

1. Can this be done ?
2. Which one of the above will be best solution for me (no updates needed, i am using actionscript 2, flash 8 or flash 9)
3. Can any alternative of the above option to be inside the exe with no external dependancies and files and play my swf files and also communicate back and forth with my swf file for extra functions ?

Any help will be much appreciated

Any suggestion or way around to my achievement is welcomed
Updated 22-Jan-16 6:49am
KarstenK 22-Jan-16 5:38am
NP-API of Mozilla is deprecated and will soon be out of business. What about HTML5?

Tip: Look what technology Google is prefering.
Nocs_ 22-Jan-16 12:47pm
Thanks for the response,
i personally dont need more than flash 8 or flash 9 alternative player for actionscript 2 so even a deprecated will play my code of actionscript 2.
But i have found this which yes is NPAPI - PPAPI plugin.
I dont know yet if it can be used by c++ app also or only for browsers.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Jan-16 16:55pm
Note that Flash in general is also tends to be pushed out of business, phased out; and I think it is very good. Even though it does include some decent technologies, it came from proprietary products of Micromedia and Adobe, so it is too proprietary to live well in the modern Web based on predominant open-source technologies. It is not really needed to media streaming; as to games, animation and other interactive content, a number of alternative open-source technologies has been developed and take over quickly. I don't think Flash has any reliable future.
Nocs_ 22-Jan-16 22:44pm
I have found for the time being i guess the best alternative till now that is working without any flash installed on my system and its by chrome called PepperFlash.
It is also open source and cross-platformed as far as i read, but still i havent got it inside c++ as embed but only exists as plugin for their google chrome explorer.
Try it by yourself.Uninstall all flash players from your pc try an .swf to open somehow and install latest google chrome and open the .swf with chrome.
It runs as it has to without any flash player on your pc.
It is the last link from my mentioned ones on my main question and you can find the plugin ready as a .dll file inside google chrome installed folder with the name PepperFlash...
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Jan-16 22:56pm
Good. Thank you for the note. I already have no flash players on one of my PC computers, and on another one it's the only Adobe product; I got rid of them all (including Acrobat reader) and with everyone the same with all my heart. As far as I remember, I installed Pepper Flash on our Linux computer. Anyway, I think getting read of flash is the dominating trend, for some good reasons. Web suffered a lot from neglected standardization and leaving important technologies outside of standards, and presently people trying hard to overcome this problem; proprietary stuff has to go.
Nocs_ 22-Jan-16 23:16pm
I am an actionscript developer for many years i can`t take a decision about their own programmes or way they will make them work and marketize them but for one thing i am sure as a programmer.
If it is a website yes there is no problem for anyone to have an option for the visitor to get the plugin from adobe but for a desktop application it is a major problem cause you cant give a half desktop app that needs external web dependancies.
I have read this link :
it says very clear somewhere in their license agreement that you cannot use even the flash player as server, anyone by its own has to install the flash player to his pc independant and not preinstalled or embed inside an app.
I personally don`t have any problem, i will find something to run my actionscript as flash player does and ofcourse as embed inside my c++ application without any flash dependancies or licening.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Jan-16 23:39pm
You see? I don't consider Adobe as anything acceptable. Look at their PDF reader and compare with other implementations. They managed to make it the absolutely heaviest, annoying and incredibly inconvenient...
Nocs_ 22-Jan-16 23:52pm
:) having problems with programmes in computers is a loop so look around to make your own choices according to your needs...why bother ? find another program that suites you and all will be ok

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