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Hi, so what i am trying to do is to use a gsm modem or a phone connected to a computer
to send ussd code for example : *150# and receive an answer
after that if the answer is a menu for example : 1 for balance and 2 for offers
i would like to respond by 1 or 2 and get an answer again ..
by the way i am a novice in C i made a 2d game once using it and i would like to learn it more before i learn something else

if this requires another lngs i would love you to illuminate me on this subject because i am clueless thnx ..

PS :
i understand that i will need to read the code than calculate the outcome than chack if and else for 1 and 2 but i don't know the important stuff like how i do what i wanna do ..
Updated 16-Dec-17 1:13am

1 solution

See Serial Port I/O[^], for communicating with a modem from a C program.
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CloudFS 22-Jan-16 13:24pm    
i kind of understood that but i don't get how to use ussd commands with c
Richard MacCutchan 22-Jan-16 14:34pm    
You study the documentation to see how to construct the commands and pass them to the modem via the serial interface. Each command is most likely just a series of bytes (or characters).
CloudFS 22-Jan-16 15:38pm    
oky i will check it out and i will probably be back here hhhh

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