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I have a GenericList object data like below

List<mydata> genList= new List<mydata>();

genlist = GetGenListData(parameter);

This is i am able to display in mvc view byusing foreach that data.

@model app.Model.Class

foreach(var da in Model.List)

Here my query is I want to display same thing by using ListItme class object like below

ListItem genList= new ListItem();

genlist = GetGenListData(parameter) as List<mydata>;


@model app.Model.Class

foreach(var da in Model.List)

But this model is not wotking /binding the data into appropriate view.
Updated 21-Jan-16 22:30pm
BillWoodruff 22-Jan-16 5:04am    
The 'ListItem collection holds what Type object ? 'object ? 'ListViewItem ?
DGKumar 22-Jan-16 6:38am    
only some properties
Class ListItems
Public int P1{get;set;}


Another class
Class Node
public List<<items>> GetList {get;set;}
public ListItems ListItems{get;set;}

Node objNode=new Node();



I want to store List<dat> into Listitems calss property
BillWoodruff 22-Jan-16 22:13pm    
Sorry, I am having real trouble understanding your code ... from what is shown here. Why do you declare an instance of 'genList, and then ignore that by setting its value to the result of calling 'GenListData() ? What's the connection/use of both 'genList and 'ListItems ?

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