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I'm developing a windows form application to parse and analyze web pages. I used webbrowser control. The web page has html and javascript code bellow. and my windows form has c# code. Here is the code:

HTML code:
<div id="div1" >
<div id="div2">

function func1(element) {

document.getElementById("div2").onclick = function foo() { doSomething(); }

C# code in my windows form application after navigating the related URL:
HtmlElement el1 = WebBrowser.Document.GetElementById("div1");
HtmlElement el2 = WebBrowser.Document.GetElementById("div2");
String el1JavaFunc = el1.GetAttribute("onClick");
String el2JavaFunc = el2.GetAttribute("onClick");

The result for both el1JavaFunc and el2JavaFunc is System.__ComObject.

How could I get the assigned javascript function name? For instance get func1 for el1.

Should I use any other control instead of WebBrowser?

Please Note that I don't need to execute the events and I know that System.__ComObject is like a wrapper for JavaScript functions.
Updated 13-Oct-17 8:56am

1 solution

For el1:

mshtml.IHTMLDOMNode node = el1.DomElement as mshtml.IHTMLDOMNode;
String el1JavaFunc = node.attributes("onclick").value.ToString();

And the same can be done for el2. Except I don't think it will return func1; I don't see why you expect that.

See System.__ComObject is returned when I use getAttribute.

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