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<!DOCTYPE html>


<img src="google.png"/>

<form action="search.cgi">
<input style="width:620px;height:32px;>
<input "width:500px;height:20px;" type="text" name="search" id="tipue_search_input" autocomplete="off" required>

<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">

funtion searchfunction() {
var searching2 = document.getElementByName ("search").value;
if (searching2 = "Reuben") {

} else if (searching2="Brayden") {

} else if (searching2="scrub") {

} else if (searching2="brayden") {

} else if (searching2="retard") {

} else if (searching2="Retard") {

} else if (searching2="reuben") {

} else if (searching2="god") {

} else if (searching2="God") {

} else if (searching2="legend") {

} else {



<img src="google Im feeling lucky.png" alt="google Im feeling lucky" style=width:"250px;height:36px;">

ZurdoDev 25-Jan-16 16:11pm
And what should happen?
Member 12286745 25-Jan-16 16:23pm
When you type one of the many things such as "Brayden" or "Reuben" it should go to one of the pages such as "godpg1.html"
ZurdoDev 25-Jan-16 16:25pm
Use the developer tools in the browser and debug it and you'll see very quickly what is happening.

1 solution

Please update your conditional operators to be like this:

} else if (searching2==="Brayden") {

instead of this:

} else if (searching2="Brayden") {

A single "=" is an assignment operator - it is not a conditional operator.

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