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I have made two separate files home.html & ctrl1.html . In home.html, I created main controller and routing while ctrl.html contains a simple controller. Here is the code

<html ng-app="testApp">
<body ng-controller="testCtrl">
    <div ng-view></div>

<script src="angular-1.2.1/angular.js"></script>
<script src="angular-1.2.1/angular-route.js"></script>

<script language="javascript">
    var testApp = angular.module('testApp', ['ngRoute']);

    function testCtrl($scope, $rootScope, $http) {
        $rootScope.TestVar = 'Welcome';
    testApp.controller('testCtrl', testCtrl);

            function ($routeProvider) {
                    when('/Users', {
                        templateUrl: 'ctrl1.html',
                        controller: '',
                        title: 'Users'
                   redirectTo: 'Users',
                   title: 'Welcome'


<script language="javascript">
    function Ctrl1($scope, $rootScope, $http) {
        $rootScope.TestVar = 'Hello';

   angular.module('testApp').controller('Ctrl1', Ctrl1);

<div ng-controller="Ctrl1">
   Some thing here {{Test}}

When I browse to User router, it gives me following error.
Error: [ng:areq] Argument 'Ctrl1' is not a function, got undefined
Konstantin A. Magg 31-Jan-16 16:31pm    
Do you reference ctrl.html somewhere from home.html? Does this file get loaded in your app?
iamalik 1-Feb-16 8:47am    
Does it require to add ctrl.html?
Konstantin A. Magg 1-Feb-16 9:32am    
My guess is, `Ctrl1` is not defined because the script in ctrl.html is not laoded or not loaded in the right place.

Do you have a missmatch in your file names?
- templateUrl: ctrl1.html
- ctrl.html
iamalik 2-Feb-16 2:38am    
No, file names are not different.
Actually router loads file in but doesn't register Controller.

1 solution

Fixing the HTML file name above does not solve your problem. You still cannot resolve the ng-controller in this line: <div ng-controller="Ctrl1"></div>.

You run into several problems here:

  1. Just because you include a <script> in ctrl.html, the code does not get automatically called (Try it with an alert("Hello World"); after registering your controller).
  2. I am not sure, if you can register a controller after your ng-app is fully loaded and the configuration phase is finished.

I suggest, you re-thing the structure of your files and the procedure to startup your ng-app.

Hope this helps.
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