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I am creating projects through sharepoint list and in the newform i have a fields which of type lookup. based on the selected value of lookup field the other lookup fields values has to be populated.

Ex: L1 has values a,b,c,d
L2 has values 1,2,3,4,5,6
if i select the L1 values as 'a' then L2 should display only 1,2.
if i select the L2 value as 'b' then L2 should display only 3,4.. so..on.

Please suggest how can it be done with minimal customization like JavaScript..

Thanks in advance!!
Sinisa Hajnal 1-Feb-16 11:56am    
Create lookup column in your L2 that references L1.

Register onchange event for L1 and filter L2 according to selected value.

1 solution

Here is simplified sample (you need jQuery for this, but it can be done without):
	$(document).ready(function () { 
	// hide source if BranchAmbassador not selected	
		var $source = $("select[id^='InitiativeSource']");
// this is your selected L1		
		var $selected = $("select[id^='InitiativeSource'] option:selected");

	function sourceChanged() {
		var $selected = $("select[id^='InitiativeSource'] option:selected");
		if ($selected== null || $selected.val() != 1) {
// here you filter L2 to what you need based on $selected.val()
// create collection from your list items and filter them based on this value

	} // end sourceChanged
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