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I have a dozen examples of selects working in my app, but this is somehow not:

masterApp - JSFiddle[^]
Comments in fiddler explain the issue.

Basically, I have an array in the scope. I have a select ng-options based on that array. I populate the array. The options are empty >_<

What am I doing wrong this time?

Richard Deeming 2-Feb-16 8:05am
Don't you need an ng-model on the <select> tag?
Andy Lanng 2-Feb-16 8:29am
not required (yet). That's only if you want to use the selected item. I can update it and try though
Andy Lanng 2-Feb-16 8:31am
godammit! your correct ^_^
Updated jsfiddle
Richard Deeming 2-Feb-16 8:56am
OK, I'll post that as an answer. :)

1 solution

The <select> tag needs an ng-model attribute before Angular will process it.[^]
Andy Lanng 2-Feb-16 8:59am
Face palming pretty hard right now. I knew it had to be something simple ^_^

Problem is my colleagues don't use angular

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