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I'm a total novice when it comes to software development - but I'm looking to change that and put the time and energy in to develop a product.

I'm trying to figure out the best platform/language(s) to build a software program. Preferably for use in windows, but maybe I should keep it open.

The Premise - A program with a gui that allows drag and drop functionality to build a model. A database exists for each component in the model. A number of options exist to perform some simple calculations for the model. Perhaps run some sensitivities. Display some graphs. Provide structured text output. The database needs to be easy to update. At some point, I may choose to release the software to other companies via licenses. I want to be able to add a bunch of widgets that add great functionality and make a great experience for the user.

I have some ideas to get starting, but I'm really looking for some advice as to where I should spend some effort to get the ball rolling.

Much appreciated.
Updated 2-Feb-16 13:32pm

If you prefer Windows, it already sets the platform. On top of it, it could be .NET or Java, or some more exotic or more specialized platforms, but I would strongly discourage going into anything domain-oriented. There is no a reason to worry about capabilities of the platforms — the are way too capable, compared to your requirements. :-) If this preference is not so important, you can consider other platforms. Learn the basics of development, and you will be able to choose where to put more effort. Only you can make a final decision.


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