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I'm writing add-in for Visual Studio 2012 (almost every question about add-ins for msvs starts the same..)
I've read a lot of examples and tutorials about it on msdn, here and so on.
The topic of add-in options is always not fully covered, imho.
Actually, the task is now to save solution AND user specific options simultaneously.
I know, that MSVSs main tool bar item can be added, and a menu command under it, and a brand new manually written window can be shown changing all options for my add-in..

I have successfully used DialogPage (and WritableSettingsStore mechanism also worked fine, not the user interface part) for storing Add-in specific options. It's OK, very natively looking and feeling.

Package.OnLoadOptions, Package.OnSaveOptions works for saving solution specific options, BUT I could not find an example of making a user interface for changing this kind of options.

So i came up with an idea of writing a custom DialogPage and overriding its methods for saving solution spec data via Package.OnSaveOptions..

I can't find a way to trigger this mechanism after closing the dialog.
I can't find a way to make Package reload new options after editing.

If anyone knows a proven better way for storing solution specific (at least) options for Add-in, please please "show me the meaning, of being loneley.."

Thank You!

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