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I have a table which has columns as below:
SELECT TOP 1000 [User_ID] 
  FROM [DB].[dbo].[User]

I want to make a stored procedure to return all User_ID where Created_Date is past more than 7 days from today. So for today, the stored procedure should return all user_id before 2/2/2016.

And I want to update the expired as true in all returned user_id rows.

One SP should include all these processes.

Please help me solving this

Thank you

What I have tried:

I have no idea how to return all values from select statement.
Updated 26-Feb-16 23:01pm
PIEBALDconsult 8-Feb-16 19:35pm
Why not just UPDATE expired=true WHERE Created_Date < seven days ago?
Member 12111217 8-Feb-16 21:02pm
Yes, that was the easy way to do it. Thanks!
PIEBALDconsult 8-Feb-16 21:09pm
Easier tends to be better. Always seek a way you can just use a simple SQL statement rather than use a cursor and/or fetch the data to the client and back.

1 solution

Its very simple actually - Here is the procedure

Table considered for this example
CREATE TABLE [User] ([User_ID] INT,[Group_ID] INT,[User_Session_ID] INT,[Created_Date] datetime,[User_Expired] bit)

Insert some data so that we can test the proc
insert into [User] 
select 1,1,1,Dateadd(dd,-6,GetDate()),0
select 2,2,2,Dateadd(dd,-8,GetDate()),0

Here is the procedure which updates the user profiles by marking them as expired and returns the updated user ids

CREATE PROCEDURE GetAllUserswhosProfilesExpired

UPDATE [User] SET [User_Expired]=1 WHERE Created_Date>=Dateadd(dd,-7,GetDate())
SELECT * FROM [User] WHERE Created_Date>=Dateadd(dd,-7,GetDate())

Try executing the proc
EXEC GetAllUserswhosProfilesExpired

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