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I thought that if I track the option by id then the model int and id int should align.

Here's what I mean:
I have an array of 'Options':
$scope.option = [

The structure it that way because it is a basic type I use for populating option boxes

I also have an object that required an int representation of the option
$scope.object = {
 Title: 'this is a very trimmed down version of my object',
 Items:[{column:'text',select:0,description:'these are also fake.  represented in an ng-repeat table'}]

In the table i use this like so:
<tr data-ng-repeat="item in object.Items">
    <td>{{options[].Text }}</td>

which looks fine. When I click in a row, the 'EditPanel' is populated and shown.

(I actually have two issues at this point, but I'll stick with the simplest one in this QQ)
   <select data-ng-model="object.Items[selectedIndex].select" data-ng-options="option.Text for option in options track by option.Id"></select>

But the select options are always treated as an Option type.
I need to A: Display the currently selected option text and B: be able to change it.

Where am I going wrong?

What I have tried:

As described above. The option list always has the '?' first option:
<option value="?" selected="selected"></option>

and if I try to make a change then the select changes from 0 to { Id: 0,Text: 'Option0',Args: null }

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