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Hello !!!

I wont to read informations from 8 cpu on a packing machine witch are all connected on a Ethernet network and are connected on a router. On the router is connected a server and a computer. I wont to read from the cpu ip the ascii data that all the CPU sends time by time .
The ip of the cpu are :

the computer is connected on the router.
I have created a form for a serial communication via COM1 but I need to recive info also from Ethernet port from eight IP .

What I have tried:

I try to make something using TCP/IP samples code but no success.
Updated 22-Feb-16 9:52am
Mohibur Rashid 17-Feb-16 18:17pm    
Where is the sample code?
Garth J Lancaster 17-Feb-16 18:36pm    
There's a lot of info you dont give us - so it'll be hard to give you a good answer

You say you have 8 IP, do they use ie point to point or udp ? do they expect a port number ? do they all connect and transmit at the same time ? what is the data protocol/format - you say ascii, but do you get/expect a connection from one of the 8 'clients', a fixed size packet of ascii data, then a close from the client ? how often/at what speed/frequency do the 8 clients send the ascii data to the server ?

"but no success" - why ? did you receive anything ? what did you implement on the server ?

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