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Please any buddy help me to convert below sql query to linq.

Select b.DISTRICT,b.TEHSIL,b.UID,b.BeneficiaryFullname,b.BeneficiaryRationCardID, b.Gender
select BeneficiaryRationCardID, min(DOB) as MaxAge
from BPLFamilyDetails where gender='F'
group by BeneficiaryRationCardID
) a
inner join BPLFamilyDetails b on a.BeneficiaryRationCardID=b.BeneficiaryRationCardID and a.MaxAge=b.DOB
inner join
select x.BeneficiaryRationCardID
from BPLFamilyDetails x
left join (select BeneficiaryRationCardID from BPLFamilyDetails where UID is null) y on x.BeneficiaryRationCardID=y.BeneficiaryRationCardID
where y.BeneficiaryRationCardID iS null
group by x.BeneficiaryRationCardID
) c on a.BeneficiaryRationCardID=c.BeneficiaryRationCardID
where b.Gender='F'

What I have tried:

I have tried for online tool to convert query from sql to linq but didnt succeed.
please help me to get out of this.
Updated 4-Jan-22 21:24pm

Linqer is a SQL to LINQ converter tool. It helps to learn LINQ and convert raw SQL statements to LINQ. Linqer supports both .NET languages - C# and Visual Basic. Follow below link to download the tool:

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[no name] 2-Sep-20 6:10am    
select count( as sampleCount from SampleTypeCollections
WHERE in (select SampleId from SampleTest
join SampleTestDiseases on SampleTestDiseases.SampleTestId =
join SampleTestPerformed on SampleTestPerformed.sampletestid =
where SampleTest.SampleId = and SampleTestPerformed.TestResultId = 2
and(SampleTypeCollections.CreateDate BETWEEN to_date('9/9/2020' , 'dd/mm/yyyy') AND to_date('9/2/2020', 'dd/mm/yyyy')))
Try this linq 101

101 LINQ Samples in C#[^]
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