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I am newly working with XML files with C#, currently I am facing a problem about editing a specific value from XML file.
Let's say I have this XML file (plist.xml) :

  <ProjectDetail id="1">
    <Title>Dominic Crossroad</Title>
    <GVERSION>1.0.0, 1.2.0i, 2.0.0j</GVERSION>
  <ProjectDetail id="2">
    <Title>Kungfu Master</Title>
    <GVERSION>1.0.0, 2.3.0d</GVERSION>

What I want to is to edit <gversion> node from specific part.
On above sample, Title = kungfu master have two version (1.0.0 and 2.3.0d).
I want to add new version (3.0.0a), so the <gversion> for Kungfu Master will be like:

<GVERSION>1.0.0, 2.3.0d, 3.0.0a</GVERSION>

Anyone can give me example for it?

What I have tried:

I googled a lot of sources, but I am confused where to start because this is my first work with XML files.
Updated 24-Feb-16 23:44pm

1 solution

Try with below code:
string xmlData = @"<project>
		  <projectdetail id="1">
			<Title>Dominic Crossroad</Title>
			<gversion>1.0.0, 1.2.0i, 2.0.0j</gversion>
		  <projectdetail id="2">
			<Title>Kungfu Master</Title>
			<gversion>1.0.0, 2.3.0d</gversion>
// Parsing XML string
XDocument doc = XDocument.Parse(xmlData);

// Filtering the project node which has title Kungfu
XElement projectObject = doc.Descendants("ProjectDetail").Where(rec => (string)rec.Element("Title").Value == "Kungfu Master").SingleOrDefault();

if(projectObject != null)
	projectObject.Element("GVERSION").SetValue(projectObject.Element("GVERSION").Value + ", 3.0.0a");

string test = doc.ToString(); // Update XML string
doc.Save("path"); // save your updated XML
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satrio_budidharmawan 26-Feb-16 2:30am    
Works like charms,
Thank you,
[no name] 26-Feb-16 3:56am    
Welcome :)

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