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i wan to save the date into an access database but didn't work.. how i suppose to do
here is my code :

Dim SelectedDate As Object
SelectedDate = New DateTimePicker()
SelectedDate.Format = DateTimePickerFormat.Time
SelectedDate.ShowUpDown = True
SelectedDate.Location = New Point(10, 10)
SelectedDate.Width = 100
SelectedDate = DateDateTimePicker.Text

What I have tried:

Now I tried to make my datetime value save into an access database
Updated 28-Feb-16 0:52am
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 28-Feb-16 6:35am    
Not any string can be converted to date/time...Use the debugger to see what value do you try to convert...

Selected Date is a DateTimePicker, so you can't assign a to it.
So why not just assign the Value from one DTP to the other?
SelectedDate.Value = DateDateTimePicker.Value
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MrALiv3 28-Feb-16 9:40am    
ok thank, i will try later
First issue: On the last line you try to overwrite your DateTimePicker-variable SelectedDate with a string (from DateDateTimePicker.Text). That can't work ever. You probably intended to set the .Value-Property of the the DateTimePicker, maybe like this:
SelectedDate.Value = DateTime.Parse(DateDateTimePicker.Text);

Use .TryParse(..) instead if DateDateTimePicker.Text could contain a string that's invalid as a DateTime-string.

(Edit, seeing OG's response): Unless DateDateTimePicker is another DateTimePicker-object, then a) use DateDateTimePicker.Value or maybe DateDateTimePicker.Value.Date or b) reconsider what you're doing there - do you need two DateTimePickers where the value of one is written to the other?)

Next issue (probably): Your error message sounds like you're trying to insert a string into the DateTime-column of your database. You need to provide the DateTime-value instead (which again you get from SelectedDate.Value) for the (Ole)DbParameter.
Don't get the idea of storing a DateTime formatted as a string in the database though. That's the path to far greater problems.

DateTime.Parse Method (String) (System)[^]
DateTime.TryParse Method (System)[^]
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MrALiv3 28-Feb-16 9:40am    
Ok thank you, i will try later.

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