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I am trying to get the viewbag value, added a condition and based on that the alert message popsup. Below is the code i have written in jquery.

$("#btnReviewAndSave").click(function () {
    var curSum = '@ViewBag.curSum';
    var cdPayment = '@ViewBag.CdPayment';
    var cdPaymentTotal = cdPayment + 200;
    if (curSum > cdPayment + 200) {
        if (!confirm('The Advertising Payment of $' + curSum + ' exceeds the allocated Advertising amount by $ ' + cdPaymentTotal + '. Do you want to Save?')) {
            return false;

But when I click on the button, alert comes without value. when i debug, I could see the viewbag value as "Undefined". What could be the issue? and How to declare it?
Anyone please help me out.

The alert message is "The Advertising Payment of $@ViewBag.curSum
exceeds the allocated Advertising amount by $@ViewBag.CdPayment200. Do you want to Save?".

What I have tried:

Trying to get the Viewbag value from controller to view. But it is as Undefined when used in jquery
Updated 22-Mar-16 2:15am
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 1-Mar-16 4:57am
Your code may be all right, but it depends on the type of the value you try to access...
So what type are they?
kruthi Mallarapu 1-Mar-16 5:17am
Its decimal value.
F-ES Sitecore 22-Mar-16 7:17am
Is your javascript in an external .js file?

1 solution

Try this
var curSum = parseFloat(@ViewBag.Number);

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