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My site open an putty.exe window.This putty application perform a some specified task.

I have configured "abc" user in identity of application pool.And user "abc" has full administrative rights.And in web.config i configured this "abc" user in impersonate section.

If i login machine with this "abc" user and open that site.Then putty.exe work properly but i have login to machine with different account like "xyz" which also has full rights then putty.exe is not performing their task properly

So which account i can configure in identity section like local account,system account or network service account to allow all administrative users to perform their task properly.

What I have tried:

I have dont not have to much idea about rights and application pool.
Updated 8-Mar-16 1:08am

I Think you should check "Identity" (open under "Applications Pools-Process Model-Identity) for example ASP.NET v4.0 , check whether is it is built-in or custom".First you can set permission right in your network to certain "user account name" for restrict access to certain files or folder.Then choose "custom account", choose the one user account and password set.Don't forget to pick particular "Application pool" you have set (click Advanced Settings under "Default Web Sites").

This is the way I normally used to access restricted network resource whenever I used in deploy.
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Mangesh9692 8-Mar-16 4:45am    
Ok i already tried that but it wont work for other administrative users other than configured in identity in app pool.
Mangesh9692 8-Mar-16 4:51am    
ok i will give you this in scenario

There are two user viz a,b both have administrative rights

1)In web.config(for impersonation)-"A" Machine logged by "A" identity in app pool "A" working-Yes

2)In web.config(for impersonation)-"A" Machine logged by "B" identity in app pool "A" working-No

3)In web.config(for impersonation)-"A" Machine logged by "A" identity in app pool "B" working-No

4)In web.config(for impersonation)-"A" Machine logged by "B" identity in app pool "B" working-Yes

I want that app work for all administrative users of machine.

hope this will give idea about exact scenario.
you can try using Microsoft.ASPNET.Providers to stored Machine ID\Value in each customeproperties profiles. ASP.NET is goob based to promote personalised websites.

In web.config,

<profile defaultProvider="DefaultProfileProvider">
   		 <add name="MachineID" />
                <add name="MachineGenres" type="System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.Int32]" />
                <add name="DefaultProfileProvider" type="System.Web.Providers.DefaultProfileProvider, System.Web.Providers, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35" connectionStringName="MachineConnectionString1" applicationName="/" />

When Read back, compare with current Machine ID with profiles value
ProfileBase myprofile = HttpContext.Current.Profile;
List<Int32> listitem_ = new List<Int32>();
listitem_ = (List<Int32>)myprofile.GetPropertyValue("MachineGenres");

var machineid = (string)myprofile.GetPropertyValue("MachineID");

When Write
listitem can be set back into profile by using SetPropertyValue("MachineGenres",listitem).

You can stored a list of machine ID in list under MachineGenres or single in MachineID.
It will keep track in database. Make sure Provider database and your system database stored in right same database.

PS.:All custom profiles is stored right differently based on different login in single lines belong to personel profiles.

Be Careful install right version for Entityframework 5.0 worked only in Microsoft providers 1.2 and Some visual studio doesn't suppport too much higher version than that.
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Mangesh9692 9-Mar-16 2:21am    
Thanks for your response when i tried out one thing is that when i configured local machine user then in identity in app pool it would not be work but when i configured domain user then it works fine.
Mangesh9692 9-Mar-16 4:46am    
Can we add all domain account user in identity of application pool?

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