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My webpage ( has started showing error when I entered an invalid argument in the the link option. The webpage is of wordpress and source code of its front page is apparently not editable directly. (So, I cannot remove the invalid argument, I guess).

/*Check if Repeater is empty*/
function parallax_one_general_repeater_is_empty($parallax_one_arr){
	$parallax_one_services_decoded = json_decode($parallax_one_arr);
	foreach($parallax_one_services_decoded as $parallax_box){
		if(!empty($parallax_box->choice) && $parallax_box->choice == 'parallax_none'){
			$parallax_box->icon_value = '';
			$parallax_box->image_url = '';
		foreach ($parallax_box as $key => $value){
			if(!empty($value) && $key!='choice' && $key!='id' && ($value!='No Icon' && $key=='icon_value') ) {
				return false;
	return true;

This is the part of code of webpage which shows error.

Please tell me if I have to be more descriptive.

What I have tried:

Also posted the same ques here but no one helped! :(
Updated 8-Mar-16 0:00am
CHill60 8-Mar-16 6:13am    
You said you entered an invalid argument - so don't enter it? It would help if you described the error.

This does look like a site-driving post however
Nabhdeep Bansal 9-Mar-16 1:00am    
The problem is that the place where I entered invalid argument in customization window of the site is now not showing up. So, I cannot directly delete the invalid attribute. Is there any place in the cpanel file documentation where all my input attributes get saved? I think I can delete it from that file if I am able to get it.

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