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Dear Experts
I have to support a legacy application in Borland Builder 6. Does anybody have a copy of SA’s article
‘Unicode Controls: What Can VCL Do?’, The Delphi Magazine, 116 (April 2005), p. 33-43? Especally maybe @SAKryukov?

I think this article could help me a lot.

Thank you very much in advance

What I have tried:

A lot ...................................
enjoy the sax:
Updated 10-Mar-16 12:33pm
[no name] 10-Mar-16 17:57pm
Thank you to the anonym downvoter. In case I think, something is not good and I point it out e.g. by downvote, I would also give a comment why....
Only cowards don't do this....
Patrice T 10-Mar-16 18:07pm
a counter vote
[no name] 10-Mar-16 18:11pm
Thank you for this.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Mar-16 18:29pm
Someone is probably playing predator here, for example, methodically voting 1 to all my answers as they appear. I cannot see any pattern except keeping the score from growing, or something like that.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Mar-16 18:33pm
CHill60 10-Mar-16 18:58pm
I enjoyed the sax ... but that *might* have prompted the downvote (It wasn't me!)
So in answer I give you this ... Mr Lynedolph D'Olivera (RIP) on tenor sax (also played with Jasper Carrott on stage!) The East Side Torpedoes - Thats all I Need - YouTube[^]
[no name] 10-Mar-16 19:13pm
Closing the eyes, simply listening to the great sax... ok also the singer is not bad ;)
Thank you

Yep I agree, the link in "WIHT" was not really reasonable, sorry for that. But still I think "WIHT" is useless, only my mind.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Mar-16 20:13pm
And I really appreciate this piece of music. This is great. It's really good that we can exchange such pieces of information; and finding fault with that would be utterly mean.

Have you listened to John Surman? I think all his things are great; this is one of my most favorite:

What do you think, Bruno, CHill60?

[no name] 10-Mar-16 20:32pm
I go out the ice.
The beginning was the oboe. Furthermore, it was the clarinet.
Even if I'm wrong (who cares), very beautiful music definitely!

pls. Keep in mind 80% was translated by Google .

No sorry it was only one Instrument. Clarinet I hope.... otherwhise pls. Report me ;)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Mar-16 21:18pm
Actually, Surman plays several instruments: jazz saxophone, baritone and soprano, bass clarinet and piano with synthesizer.
This is "Portrait of a Romantic" from "Private City"; on this album, he plays all those instruments. I think, in this record, it's a bass clarinet...
[no name] 8-Jul-17 17:34pm
Just came back to this, while review my questions on CP. How beautiful, thanks. Bruno

Boah CP does still not have the comment Display under control.....
CHill60 11-Mar-16 20:30pm
I'm quite liking this ... thank you for the introduction to new music
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 13-Mar-16 13:24pm
My pleasure. I myself love to delve into some kinds of music new to me...

1 solution

Yes, it was my article of 2005. This magazine has been discontinued later.

I recently reviewed my archive and restored the article from my records, found original source code, and, for now, up-loaded it: S. A. Kryukov, Unicode Controls: What Can VCL Do?, from: The Delphi Magazine, 116 (April 2005), p. 33-43 ( 54.1 KB).

Both article and the code is in the same ZIP you can download using the URL shown above.

Again, you can use Free Pascal with Lazarus, to avoid all those problem. This is a great thing; it has its cunning multi-platform model, where Delphi UI library is implemented for many UI platforms (such as Windows API-based, Qt, GTK+...). However, when I tried to convert my pretty sophisticated Windows application, I found many problems. The can be solved though, it just needs some more time...

Interestingly, you are not the only one who asked me about this library...

CHill60 10-Mar-16 18:46pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Mar-16 19:30pm
Thank you.
[no name] 10-Mar-16 18:58pm
Dear Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Thank you so much for this!!! First of all a 5 from my side. I do accept the answer in advance, because I think I know meanwhile the Quality of your answers!Thank you again

"Someone is probably playing predator here":
Bad Story! But can you feel with me if this happens to a noob like me? I do not bother about my rep Points, but it hurts something if will be downvoted _without_ comments....

"Interestingly, you are not the only one who asked me about this library..."
I think there are a lot of fighters like me who have to Support legacy apps
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Mar-16 19:29pm
You are very welcome.
If something is unclear, I'll gladly try to answer, but you see how detail is that article. Unlike CodeProject, the article in such journals go through acceptance, reviews, and so on...

If you think there are many people who would be interested in that, it may deserve formal publishing (near everything is ready), but I don't know, some may take it negatively for pulling outside such ancient material; besides, it may need some accurate legal disclaimer, because in normal situation I don't have a right to copy the text of the article (but source code use is unlimited). I don't think the rightholder representative of the publisher would wish "playing the gardener's dog"...

[no name] 1-Jan-17 10:21am
Dear Sergei
First of all, all the best for you and yours for 2017. I finally can solve all (?) the pbs of my question by migrating to Embarcadero studio 10.
Kind regards

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