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I have a WPF app that uses SQL server database. It runs correctly when I execute it from visual studio. The problem is when I create an setup file, install it and run it (I use InstallShield). I get an exception:
System.InvalidOperationException: No connection string named <the name of my connection string which is in App.config> could be found in the application config file.

Here is my connection string

<add name="MimiNewestDBEntities" 
         connectionString="metadata=res://*/DataBase.mdfConnection.csdl|res://*/DataBase.mdfConnection.ssdl|res://*/DataBase.mdfConnection.msl;provider=System.Data.SqlClient;provider connection string="data source=MIMI\SQLEXPRESS;initial catalog=MimiNewDB;integrated security=True;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;App=EntityFramework""
         providerName="System.Data.EntityClient" />

What I have tried:

I did set the App.config's property "Copy to output" to "Copy always", am still having the same exception
Updated 8-Aug-18 2:44am

Make sure the configuration file is part of your setup file.
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berkumans 14-Mar-16 7:01am    
It is already in the project and always copied to the output, is there another way to put it in a setup file?
Mehdi Gholam 14-Mar-16 7:16am    
Check when you install the app, the correct config is beside it, if not then go to you install-shield configuration and check if the file is in there for the setup.
Just right click on App.config file -> Choose Properties -> Go to BuildAction -> Here you will get multiple options in dropdown -> Choose "Embedded resource"

Embedded resource: Embeds the file in an exclusive assembly manifest resource

For cross verify, check App.config or *.exe.config file is present after publish the application.
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berkumans 14-Mar-16 6:59am    
When I do this and run the application by Ctrl + F5 on VS I get the same exception even before creating the setup. Do you have an Idea on what it can be?
[no name] 14-Mar-16 8:28am    
Did you follow above process.

Make sure that connection string is present in your main application.
berkumans 14-Mar-16 10:50am    
Yeah, I followed it. Right clicked -> Properties -> Build action set to Embedded resource. When I run I get the exception. If I put it back to None works fine and throws the exception after setup creation.
berkumans 14-Mar-16 10:51am    
If I set it to Embedded resource or resource it produces the same effect. It only accepts None

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